Solid shampoo - Camillia -

Solid shampoo - Camillia -


It brings strength and shine to hair while giving it volume in a natural way. Stimulates their growth, captures and absorbs impurities without irritating the scalp. It helps to untangle hair more easily.

Caution : It is strongly advised not to use it after discoloration (recent of 5 weeks minimum) or if the person is regularly in contact with chlorine. Henna could make the hair greenish due to a reaction to the chemical component of the bleaching and chlorine ingredients.


The solid coconut oil shampoo is recommended for oily hair, the coconut oil shampoo for dry hair.


Ingredients : Coconut derivative, ultra-light foaming agent, neutral henna pepper, kapok kachli powder, rhassoul powder, olive (or coconut) oil and water.




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